Paper Tiger

It was never true.

All those years focusing on a belief that somehow you couldn’t do it – somehow you weren’t good enough, were years influenced by lies. All those decisions to not attempt a greater endeavor, to not initiate choices that carried passionate momentum due to some alliance you and I formed with futility and helplessness, were decisions rooted in illusion. Yes, regardless of who spoke of your supposed inabilities or how often you were told of them does not change the greater reality that it was all a lie.

The truth is that you are what you think you are. Not what someone else thinks you are, but what you continuously, habitually define yourself to be.

Time and energy spent begrudging family members, former friends or spouses, companies and institutions, teachers, bosses, circumstances and geographical locales is time spent in a misguided and pointless alliance. Blaming people or situations for why your life did not work out the way you’d dreamed will no more advance your desire for freedom and joy than it does to gather up those who lock you into smallness with hugs of pity and lunch time “ain’t it awful” sympathizing.

If what you sincerely want is relief and freedom, then the grudge, blame and disdain we may carry must decrease at the level of value we priced it at and a greater value must be given to accepting responsibility for the choices repeatedly made and the beliefs habitually supported.

In order to experience a life different than the one you may be experiencing now, you must be willing to consider that these propositions have merit.

In Chinese culture the phrase paper tiger is a colloquialism describing how something may appear powerful on the surface, but in reality is nothing to be afraid of.

Belief in unworthiness is a well-fed paper tiger. Unworthiness is a lie.

If we stop feeding this tiger that has long dominated our decisions then what are we left with?

An invitation to live while we are alive. – fully live – uncovering understanding and insight into how the Universe is responding to our every thought. Our physical days are luxuries whereby we may prove time and again how we are infinitely more beautiful than we give ourselves credit for. That we are instruments, vessels in which a Divine Intelligence hungers to create, dance, sing and thrive by means of us. We are asked to feed this energy rather than the flimsy paper of an illusional tiger.

We live by the creed… the degree…..

…to the degree we believe in a world that is working… the degree in which our world rises up to offer us solution and kindness

….to the degree that we embrace how each life matters….is the degree in which the perpetual current of fulfillment and relationships flood over our hearts threshold and provide us with community and sustaining sweetness.

….to the degree we believe our voice was meant to be heard….is the degree in which all ears tune in to the rhythm and cadence of our soul’s unique message.

And above all, know that life is eternal. Our earth experience is but a select passage embedded in an adventure book that knows no end.

Remember, only love is real, all else is but a paper tiger.