The Collective Migration

We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become. – Saint Clare of Assisi

In a recent airline magazine article, a biologist shared his research on the migration of monarch butterflies and their winter resting place – a forest in the state of Michoacan in Mexico.

It detailed the remarkable sojourn that millions of monarchs make and how climate change challenges are disrupting their flight pattern and overall survival. Assisted in his research by native guides through the heavily forested region, the author shared a profound experience he observed between a guide and a single butterfly. Upon discovering a female drowning in a puddle, weak and freezing, the guide held the distressed insect in his hand to provide warmth. Next, he began tenderly feeding the winged beauty by squeezing nectar from a flower into her mouth.

The butterfly drank the contents of four flowers, regained her strength and flittered away.

Being an available channel for unconditional love means nothing is labeled as insignificant, even if it is one butterfly among one million. Love prompts us to offer sustenance and support whenever and wherever it is needed. Each of us can recall times when we felt we were drowning in the effects of our earthly world. Can we also recall being lifted back to a stable and vital place void of judgment?

A world that works for everyone is a world populated by Samaritan activity void of self-promotion, caring enough to hold one another in the light of truth, warming each other’s hearts with unconditional compassion, and patiently feeding the distressed with loving guidance when disrupted from the conscious path.

Love defies the boundaries of definition. Just as teaching about a fire doesn’t build a fire, love cannot be explained or taught through books or lectures. Love will only be understood through expression and experience.

Understanding that such a world already exists, the spiritual world proposes a perfect patterning of Oneness, it then becomes our individual responsibility to continuously unveil the mental barriers from this dimension that prevent our noticing, behaving and embodying it. Every day we share in the collective migration of consciousness. May we ceaselessly squeeze out the nectar of infinite possibility and offer it to anyone ready to drink.