The Demands of Transformation

Peace is felt in an atmosphere of surrender.
An atmosphere of surrender is available through letting go of the conventional.
Letting go the conventional requires the understanding that there are far more options available to consider than what you’ve seen modeled by others.
The risk of being labeled foolish will actually nurture peace in your heart.
Playing it safe will not.

I realize that to be in integrity with the demands of transformation within myself, I must risk looking foolish as well as risk other’s judgments and the accompanying feelings of abandonment. Although these human responses can be expected, it is never easy to witness or experience.

My one blazing goal as a teacher and coach is to bridge you from a certain level of thinking to another – to open you up – to show you through example and ability how these spiritual principles that we espouse are modeled and manifested through practice. It is nurturing free from coddling. My nurturing becomes more aligned with what James Baldwin wrote, “If I love you I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

A recent lesson plan I was teaching from stated, “Nature demands transformation so we may advance.” And I remind, it is our nature to advance. If it is continuously being demanded of us, why should we resist?

How is nature demanding transformation from you? In order for us to grow into our next evolving state we must outgrow current ways of being. In order to connect with the information, the support and the elevated people who await this next expression in our changing life, we must disconnect from that which longs to stifle such choices.

The call of something more is forever sounding. It is sounding within me personally and I feel it is sounding within the vision of you and the rest of humanity.

It is my commitment to always take hold of the emboldened hand and cultivate the wisdom and the specifics of what waits to be birthed no matter the dictates of a human world.

And consider these wise words, “Let not your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.” Life moves from rebirth to rebirth to rebirth.

Life demands transformation.