“Everything that you have holds everything that you are.”

– David Ault


Mystery/Wisdom Schools have been in existence since the beginning of humanity’s search for meaning. They were branded with the term ‘mystery’ because often it was illegal and considered heresy to study traditions, alchemical knowledge/practices and personal empowerment laws due to the effect that gnosis (knowledge) would have on the individual. If enough people took the liberty to do this, then oppressive cultures would wither. Individuality and equality would thrive.

Today there are still oligarchical power structures that exist around the world. Not much has changed in the quest for dominion over others. It seems this division is an integral part of the human curriculum and the soul’s evolving journey. How do you evolve or reawaken to the true meaning of one’s capabilities unless those capabilities are shackled either consciously or unconsciously? What prompts us to go beyond?

A modern-day mystery/wisdom school is a vehicle for fundamental and holistic reawakening. Its purpose is to ignite personal dominion – building an interior world of conscious, evolutionary thinking. It is a sacred commitment one makes to study, but, most importantly, to embody and create personal expansion over limitation, peeling away illusion for Reality.

The first in-person series began in Atlanta, GA in 2019. I’m now restructuring the modules to fit a virtual framework and broaden the availability. ​I’d love to have you join me!

4 Part Virtual Series

What Is Freedom

September 26th, 1 – 4 PM ET

Everything is designed to return us to the awareness that we are great awakened beings. Everything needed to remove the veils of our collective forgetfulness already exists within us. The 12th century Persian poet Rumi taught it this way; everything is rigged in your favor.

If you can observe the mind without becoming a slave to the mind then this is the experience of freedom. Yoga philosophy calls this state – Vairagya: Living in the world without being ruled by its effects.

If freedom is, then what currently appears to block that within our lives?
This session will bring compassion to the practice of acknowledging our perceived blockages, anxieties and limiting beliefs. We will turn towards our resistances with the alchemy of allowing.

Surrendering Identity

October 24th, 1 – 4 PM ET

If your understanding of freedom needs you to reject something then perhaps this freedom is fragile. This is existing in preservation energy – a constant need to protect. Here our identities, labels, and limiting beliefs fuel our minds. We ask ourselves how could I be in this world if I were free of all labels? We do not define anything as wrong, we simply empty the need to preserve our stories.

This session will offer the exploration of the Cosmic Clock as a framework for the infinite cycles of birth and rebirth which soul travels.

We will use a practice of revisioning to release a block we have given power and definition to.

What Is Your Karma Yoga

November 28th, 1 – 4 PM ET

Karma Yoga is the path of selfless service. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna instructed Arjuna to open to transcendental knowledge and dissolve the finite self through serving others.
What is your Karma Yoga, your gift to the world? Is there spaciousness to allow for this gift to be nurtured and expressed?

Nearing the end of this unprecedented year, we will examine what values have stayed and what have dissolved. Where is our aim? How will you value the cosmic/earthly lessons and commit more to living your Karma Yoga? Are you preparing to be the change you wish to see in the world?

This session will include establishing our values and using these values as personal mantras.

You Are That

December 26th, 1 – 4 PM ET

The living word or pure Consciousness – you are That.
The reflection of the King’s face – you are That.
There is nothing outside of yourself, look within.
Everything you want is there – you are That.

We will commit ourselves as the living reflection of pure Consciousness. We will hold ourselves accountable to transformation and will release our attachment to any remaining form/story/dualism. As the earth year fades, we will meditate on the dawn of a new commitment, a new way of being.

This session will include a virtual ceremony of release. Having danced with our own deepening in the final quarter of 2020, we will enter the new cycle of 2021 with sky and ocean – the infinity of opportunity. You will have the opportunity to partner with others for group accountability and committed visioning.

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The first in-person series began in Atlanta, GA in 2019. I’m now restructuring the modules to fit a virtual framework and broaden the availability. ​I’d love to have you join me!

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“In my world of effect, there will always be someone smarter, prettier/handsomer, richer, braver, and more talented than me. And eventually I learn that the gift of life isn’t about any of that; it’s about ceaselessly taking inventory of all the gifts I do possess and never abusing them through the waste of comparison.”