A Spiritual Sentinel

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. – Gandhi

If we want to be free from suffering, we have to stop inflicting it. If we want love, we have to love, no matter what anybody thinks of us. – Ernest Holmes, Creative Living

The job of a sentinel is to stand and keep watch. Hyper vigilance and keen awareness are not only essential but are part of the sentinel’s duty. No distractions. Stay awake. With this position there is no room for privileged thoughts of abstention and circumventing. You are there to safeguard and protect.

When you professed a belief in oneness and when you recited a pledge about liberty and justice for all, you became a spiritual sentinel.

As a spiritual sentinel you are here to guard the light. You are here to keep watch and protect kindness and offer support to those long denied it. You are to remain indefatigable in the pursuit to honor the huddled masses whose lives have been farmed as resource and to never circumvent your calling to uphold the inalienable right that all are created equal.

It is with this intention that I ask you to begin this daily guide journey with me.

Many may paint their approach to ‘creating a world that works for everyone’ with a very wide brush of interpretation yet one thing is non-negotiable, we are called to move, breathe and act in congruency with such a world. Our decision to be vigilant in kindness and instruments of care peel back longstanding veils of separation that keep your world cloaked in illusory darkness. Our sentinel duties require a willingness to call out unchecked privilege in order to call forth greater recognition and uncharted possibility so that we may bear witness to a just and harmonious world we know waits on the other side of our combative obstruction.

Too, our conscious sharing of resource assures that those on our watch will be nurtured and cared for.

This is the job of a spiritual sentinel and it is time for all professed oneness believers to report for duty.