It’s Always Something!

Beloved comedienne Gilda Radner frequently joked, “It’s always something.”

So many relate to the everyday human existence with perpetual overwhelm. Life seems packed with situations we feel must be overcome. Our existence can be lived in a vibration of low or high panic, invading the simple act of living regardless of socioeconomic status. This is especially evident when bemoaning how everything feels like an obstacle course of unending challenge. Without a mental reframe about this acquired perception, our personal narrative will only continue to devolve into futility and a belief that constant struggle is normal.

Gilda was right. It is always something, yet that something can be viewed as possibility or problem. That consistent something can be realized as gifts for growth or accepted as burdens to endure.

Take this quiz.

How many of you are waiting for some specific thing to be over before you allow yourself to feel good or relieved? If so, that something has your power. It didn’t steal it. You gave your power to that circumstance via the belief that your emotional wellbeing is at the mercy of something outside you or some self-imposed dictatorial timeline.

How many of you always choose the road of practicality over the road of risk? If so, that something that is calling you into an upward spiraling action of natural growth will remain as non advancing wishful thinking. Note that it takes far more energy to resist the spiraling up than it does to allow. Think about holding a fishing bobber under the water. You have to maintain a tight, consistent grip for it to remain submerged. Let it go and it naturally floats to the top.

How many of you still tell the tale of ‘they done me wrong?” If so, no matter where you move to, no matter how many relationships you entertain or creative endeavors you attempt, there will always be something similarly wrong wherever you land.

Ancient wisdom/New Thought philosophy reminds us that this something is a permanent force for good.

Call it God, Intelligence, Source or Life Itself, this something permeates every facet of our existence. It waits in expectancy for us to welcome It into the delivery room of our own willing self birth, our own collaboration with eternal vibrancy and our own allowing of unending creativity. It is always the something that surrounds us. It is as renewable and reliable as we allow It to be.

Whether the mass worldview continues seeing that something as destructive or not does not prevent anyone from immediately creating their personal something into a faithful energy of good.

Yes, It is always something and what a tremendous positive revelation for all of us to remember.