The Light Is Here

We have all the light we need. We just need to put it to practice. – Albert Pike

The well-known idiom states, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” This is frequently offered as a statement of hope. We share it with others or even say it to ourselves to help bolster confidence. It is offered as a promise to hopefully pacify a challenge and help bridge any present level discomfort to a futurized resolve.

But what if the light that is referenced, the light representing the resolution of a current challenge, is not somewhere off in a yet-to-be determined future, but rather is surrounding us in this very moment? What if the Reality is this – the light is not at the end of the tunnel. The light is wherever you are. Additionally, if we keep thinking the resolve lies in the future then it will always seem to be just out of reach.

Evolution happens within us by saying yes to an invitation to reexamine the way we perceive the world. Consider that where you are right now, regardless of personal history and present circumstance, the truth of you in this immediate moment is a being of wholeness. Consider that where you are right now, your prayer is already answered.

Metaphysical author Ernest Holmes wrote, “We already live in a perfect Universe but it needs to be seen mentally before it can become a part of our experience.”

Your solution already exists. When we appear to be in the midst of a tunnel of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to pivot our mental responses from hope to realization. This mental pivoting is a useful skill to transition a future wish into a present fulfillment.

If you become concerned over employment, it does not serve you to descend into passive hoping that things will work out and that your job remain secure. What serves is ascending into the activity of Mind where you are free to practice conjuring the feeling of creative fulfillment, activating your imagination to embody the sense of wellbeing that comes from being engaged in rewarding, profitable work.

With that, the light of solution does not remain off in the distance. The light of solution illuminates the now and reveals to you the realization of your mental devotion.